Getting started with Microsoft Teams -The Basics

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New to Microsoft Teams?

Here is a quick guide on getting started.  Welcome to the future!    Teams can replace your file server and offer enhanced security to using a traditional file server.

The Basics

  1. Download Microsoft Teams if you have not already done so here
  2. Open Teams and login with the Tenant Account (the main Administrative Account)

The Finer Details

  1. On the bottom left-hand side of Microsoft Teams, click ‘Join or create a team’Teams-Basics
  2. Click Create a teamCreate a new Team
  3. Choose to create ‘From Scratch’, then ‘Private’Create a new Team
  4. Give the team a name, suggestions such as ‘Sales’ or ‘Accounts’ are good ones to use.  Then click Create
  5. Add members to the Team as required
  6. You will notice, Member and Owner options, next to the people you have added. Give all users Member permissions and Owners to the people you really, really trustCreate a new Team
  7. Click Close when done

Finishing Touches

Now that your Teams/s have been created, its time to create Channels.  Think of Channels as the Folders within you traditional file storage.

  1.  Right-click the Team and click Add ChannelCreate a new Team
  2. Give it a name, then click AddCreate a new Team
  3. After clicking on Files at the top you can start uploading your files either by drag-and-drop or clicking the Upload option.Create a new Team

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Stop the Microsoft Teams Clutter!

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