How to grant guest access to Microsoft Teams

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More and more companies are now collaborating, sharing ideas and documents while physically segregated due to ongoing restrictions.   Microsoft Teams allows  effective collaboration between staff and external third parties.

Guest Access

So, how do you go about allowing someone external access to your Microsoft Teams tenant?   Microsoft Teams has a master on/off switch which allow you to grant guest access and control what guests can do in your Microsoft Teams tenant.   To grant access, follow these steps.

How To

1. Log into Microsoft 365 Admin Center using your Tenant account (Main admin logon account) 

2. On the left menu, click on Teams


3. On the left menu, expand Org-wide settings and click on Guest access

4 Check that Allow guest access in Teams is set to On


6. You can also make changes to other guest setting such as to allow or not allow screen sharing and then click Save.

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