Stop Using OneDrive!

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If you have a small medical practice and have started using the ‘Cloud’ to store your files, you might have started to use Microsoft OneDrive. This article is aimed at you: stop using OneDrive!

Free Internet Web Protection for Everyone!

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The second most popular way to hijack a computer would be to have that device visit a malicious website. You might have a local Antivirus product installed on your computer that has ‘Web Protection’ features, however most if the time it is too late. Changing your DNS to a OpenDNS that has blacklisted malicious sites is fast and most of all free.

Add a warning for external email

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A good way to help users not fall victim to email phishing attacks is to let them know when an email is External. Emails may pretend to be from a ‘Internal’ person can be marked so it helps the end user make a informed decision on opening links contained.

Stop the Microsoft Teams Clutter!

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During the global COVID-19 pandemic many organisations have started to heavily use Microsoft Teams for their collaboration. With that comes huge amounts of redundant data. Here is a quick guide on the configuration of Microsoft Teams Retention policies.