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Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Organisations who currently have Azure resources in the cloud either hybrid or fully migrated can now replace their Remote Desktop Server. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) allows users to connect to session hosts similar to RDS but have a ‘desktop’ experience. Previously when connecting to an RDS server, users were actually receiving a ‘server’ experience as RDS runs on a Windows Server 2016/2019 system.

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How To Change Your Password Using RDS

With so many people working from home there are probably a few people running into the “Expired Password” problem when logging in using Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Here is how to change your password on a Terminal Server.

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How to Configure Azure P2S VPN for Working from Home

Are you stuck working from home and need to configure Azure P2S VPN to gain access to the infrastructure hosted in your business cloud? The good news is that you absolutely can do this, using Azure’s P2S VPN service. This post will take your through 25 comprehensive and easy steps that will help you set it up and enjoy getting work done a lot easier.

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