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Recording Microsoft Teams Meetings

Recording Microsoft Teams meetings is something we get asked about occasionally. Whether it is for a team member that can’t make the meeting, saving the meetings for prosperity or recording a presentation, it is something relatively easy to do.

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Securing Guests in Teams

So you are using Teams and SharePoint to store your data. Sharing this data with users that are external to your organisation needs to be secure. Here is a quick overview of how to secure your data

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Share Files Using Teams

Using a cloud service to securely share files is easy if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. This short article explains how to get started.

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Telehealth: Zoom is not the Answer

Zoom gained popularity during 2020 for being easy to set up and easy to use. However that ease also translated to easy to compromise – which is not good for Telehealth services.

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Stop Using OneDrive!

If you have a small medical practice and have started using the ‘Cloud’ to store your files, you might have started to use Microsoft OneDrive. This article is aimed at you: stop using OneDrive!

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