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Securing Guests in Teams

So you are using Teams and SharePoint to store your data. Sharing this data with users that are external to your organisation needs to be secure. Here is a quick overview of how to secure your data

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Share Files Using Teams

Using a cloud service to securely share files is easy if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. This short article explains how to get started.

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Stuck in the Cloud

Are you stuck? Are the IT resources and services you are paying for competitive?    Have you moved to the cloud and found you are

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Skykick your Exchange Server to the Cloud?

If you have finally discovered that you do not need to run your own Exchange Email Server, the next step would be to move it to the Cloud. Here is a quick guide on how to move your Exchange Server to the Cloud.

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Stop Using OneDrive!

If you have a small medical practice and have started using the ‘Cloud’ to store your files, you might have started to use Microsoft OneDrive. This article is aimed at you: stop using OneDrive!

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the new-buzz word for a very old concept! If you remember the old mainframe computers that terminal for access then you have the idea. Now the “mainframe” is hosted outside your network and your devices are the terminal! Read on for more …

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Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

Organisations who currently have Azure resources in the cloud either hybrid or fully migrated can now replace their Remote Desktop Server. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) allows users to connect to session hosts similar to RDS but have a ‘desktop’ experience. Previously when connecting to an RDS server, users were actually receiving a ‘server’ experience as RDS runs on a Windows Server 2016/2019 system.

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5 Laws of Secure Cloud Collaboration and Brand Survival

This article is a strictly professional overview of the current red-hot cloud collaboration and workforce collaboration environment, and our recommendation for the five things leaders need to address to ensure IT security and business continuity during and beyond COVID-19 crisis.

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