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How to fix: Cannot move Redirected Folder

Some users are getting this error when they try to change the location of their folders such as documents, photo, picture.
The cause usually happen when you go move a folder into OneDrive or in a similar location, but then you notice that your document is not there and when you check the location it pointing to C:\users\Documents\OneDrive instead just documents

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Performance Tweaks for Windows 10

You should be on Windows 10 now (or at least 8.1) as Microsoft ended support for Windows 7 at the start of 2020. Here are some tips to get better performance from an older PC.

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Update, Update, Update!

We should all know that keeping your operating system and applications up to date is good for security – but that’s not the only reason

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How To Change Your Password Using RDS

With so many people working from home there are probably a few people running into the “Expired Password” problem when logging in using Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Here is how to change your password on a Terminal Server.

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