How to check battery health on iOS devices

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Have you wondered why your iPad/iPhone battery is not lasting as long as it used to? The issue could just be some apps using the battery without you knowing about it or the battery wearing out.

Stop Using OneDrive!

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If you have a small medical practice and have started using the ‘Cloud’ to store your files, you might have started to use Microsoft OneDrive. This article is aimed at you: stop using OneDrive!

How to set up screen time on iOS Device

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Since we all are still working from home and sometime we do loose track of time on how long kids have been on their device. We all know that this is time time where device are as common as TV. You can do setup screen time so you can restrict what they apps they can use and how long they can use it for.

Using 3CX to Provide Patients Information

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Just because you are a small health practice, doesn’t mean you can’t have Enterprise class features! The 3CX Digital Receptionist can help you provide information to your callers even when there is no one to answer the phone.

OneDrive for Healthcare

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OneDrive for Healthcare appears to be a hot topic so this article highlights what a Medical Practice needs to have in place if they are using, or intend on using, OneDrive or Microsoft 365 to store patient data.

How to measure IT Performance

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IT Performance There are very few businesses that do not rely on some form of technology to keep their business running.    IT is capable of driving business success therefore IT performance has a direct impact on the degree of that success.    So, how do you measure the performance of your organisation’s IT?  And, […]

Password Management

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Passwords. The last time I counted I had around 350 usernames and passwords! How to I make them all unique and actually remember them? Answer: I don’t. I let a password manager do it for me.