Shared Mailbox on IOS Device

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More and more people are accessing their work email though their iPhone App. This is how you open a shared mailbox that you have access to on your iPhone or iPad.

What is the Telco Embargo

Telco Embargo? Every year Telecommunications (Telco) carriers in Australia effectively shut down over the Christmas period.    Orders are all put on hold until the telco embargo ends.                                  What is the Impact? During the telco embargo period, any new […]

Scams are on the rise

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It’s been all over the news, scams are on the rise.   Here is what to look out for and what you should do. Current Scams While the types of threats seem to differ, they all appear to have one common goal.   Access to your computer or your mobile device is the goal.    We have […]

How to grant guest access to Microsoft Teams

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Collaboration More and more companies are now collaborating, sharing ideas and documents while physically segregated due to ongoing restrictions.   Microsoft Teams allows  effective collaboration between staff and external third parties. Guest Access So, how do you go about allowing someone external access to your Microsoft Teams tenant?   Microsoft Teams has a master on/off switch which […]