Sync Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory to Active Directory

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Typically Azure AD Connect is used to sync existing Active Directory users to Microsoft 365 Azure Active Directory, but what happens when your’re deploying a new server and have no users to sync? Or when your Azure Active Directory is already populated and your local Active Directory is empty? We’ll show you how.

3CX Calling Class of Service

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The 3CX PBX does not have a built in Calling Class of Service feature so, by default, anything a person dials is sent straight out to the carrier. This means that if you want to restrict calls to certain numbers you have to do it using groups and outbound rules. This is how you can set up classes of service to restrict dialling to local, mobile, national or international calls.

Business Routers

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Confused about Business Routers? Got yourself a high speed Internet service, maybe an NBN Service and wondering why its not as good as you thought it would be? Read on …

Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop

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Organisations who currently have Azure resources in the cloud either hybrid or fully migrated can now replace their Remote Desktop Server. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) allows users to connect to session hosts similar to RDS but have a ‘desktop’ experience. Previously when connecting to an RDS server, users were actually receiving a ‘server’ experience as RDS runs on a Windows Server 2016/2019 system.

IT Security 101 That No One Talks About

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IT Security is all about keeping your data secure. Sounds quite simple doesn’t it? But there are many facets of IT Security that need to be considered. Check your fundamentals here…

Office365 Region Based Spam Blocking

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If your organisation does not have a legitimate reason to communicate with other countries, Office365 has built in region (country) based email blocking that you should switch on!

How To Change Your Password Using RDS

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With so many people working from home there are probably a few people running into the “Expired Password” problem when logging in using Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Here is how to change your password on a Terminal Server.