Keeping in touch while travelling

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Keeping in touch while travelling or being away from the office has never been easier. Here are some handy tips and things to consider if you intend on travelling and still need to work.

Add a warning for external email

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A good way to help users not fall victim to email phishing attacks is to let them know when an email is External. Emails may pretend to be from a ‘Internal’ person can be marked so it helps the end user make a informed decision on opening links contained.

Out of Office on iPhone

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Out of Office on iPhone If you are anything like me you always go on holidays and forget to turn on your out of office message. Luckily, you can turn on your out of office message from your iPhone. They don’t put the feature where I would look for it so I thought I would […]

Virtual Reality … for the Office?

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VR is something that has interested me for a while and I am surprised the COVID pandemic was a precursor to more VR adoption. Video conferencing is great but imagine being able to move around in a virtual environment and interacting with others as though you were there. Games do it – why doesn’t business?

Stop the Microsoft Teams Clutter!

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During the global COVID-19 pandemic many organisations have started to heavily use Microsoft Teams for their collaboration. With that comes huge amounts of redundant data. Here is a quick guide on the configuration of Microsoft Teams Retention policies.

What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing is the new-buzz word for a very old concept! If you remember the old mainframe computers that terminal for access then you have the idea. Now the “mainframe” is hosted outside your network and your devices are the terminal! Read on for more …

How to Spot a Scam Email and Why You Need to Know

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The number of scam emails, also known as phishing, is on the increase. Scammers are out to make money and getting you to give up your login credentials is their goal. Here are some essential tips that to help stop you from becoming a victim.

Microsoft Teams: Video Conferencing

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Microsoft Teams have been adding features steadily and the video conferencing is now on par with WebEx and Google Meet. Here’s how to use it with internal and external users.

Symantec Endpoint Protection end of life (EOL)

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Symantec Endpoint Protection is probably the most used antivirus solution for SME due to its ease of management and rollout is now coming to its end of life! Time to act, what to do!?