3CX: Providing Ad-hoc Announcements to Callers

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The 3CX telephone system is a very easy to set-up, easy to use service. The handy web management tool makes it easy to change your greetings played to callers which is handy if an event or outage impacts you and you want to alert people calling in.

How to configure Office 365 relay for your MFD

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If you move office, getting new ISP or getting a new MFD, how would you go about getting up MFD to send email to your staff when your email is hosted on Microsoft 365.
Here how you do it

Don’t Use Your ISP Email Address for Business

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ISP Email So you’ve got the NBN connected via Telstra, Optus, iiNet or anyone of the dozens of ISPs out there and they give you an ISP email address at their ispname.com.au. Whether it’s a bigpond.com, tpg.com.au or whatever – don’t use it for anything important – especially not your business. ISP email addresses are […]

How to recover deleted files and restore previous versions in Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is now being the go to for financial and medical field for team collaboration, securely connect all of your employee to your teams resource.
What do you do when you want to recover your deleted your files or want to reverse back to the document that you were working on from last week.
Here how you would do it

SharePoint Data on your local PC

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SharePoint Data If your organisation has moved to the cloud, there is a good chance you are using SharePoint to store your data. This article shows you how to access that data easily on your local PC. You do not have to use a web browser.   This method makes the data accessible to all of […]