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About Us

Our difference as Melbourne based Managed Service Providers is our Business Model based on no-surprises-no-risk pricing, proactive problem solving, and future-proofing business through fit-for-purpose technology design and advice.

Our Purpose & Vision

As managed service providers, we have a vested interest in helping our customers across Melbourne and Australia succeed. Our Vision is to grow with our clients. Our Purpose is to empower our clients to achieve their goals through effectively leveraging technology so we can work with them as a long-term trusted and respected business and technology partner.

This “vested interest” is integral to our “no-surprises-no-risk pricing model”, “fit-for-purpose technology design” and “proactive problem solving” business model.

Our Values

We live by our Values. Honesty, Integrity and Accountability are in our Brand DNA.

Honesty : To be bona fide in all we do.
Integrity : Ensure that whoever we deal with can always rely on us.
Accountability : Take responsibility and ownership for what we do.

Our History

Old computer - it network historyFounded in 1994, IT Networks has a rich history as one of Melbourne’s leading managed service providers, managing IT projects and technology assets, often in sensitive customer environments. This enabled us to amass a wealth of experience and customer trust and loyalty.

In this time IT Networks has evolved to encompass a growing team of qualified and dedicated support and engineering specialists.

From always updating and honing our existing knowledge and services, to procuring, integrating and supporting your business technologies, we become your full-time, effective and accountable virtual IT Department, without the cost of employing a full department. Win-win!

Our commitment is to grow the business for the benefit of clients, suppliers, employees and owners.


IT Networks is an Australian owned technology services company providing managed IT services and support to SME organisations in Healthcare, Financial Services and Not-for-Profit sectors.

The company is jointly owned by Jim Kay, the Founder and CEO and Kim Pham who started at IT Networks as an outstanding graduate and technology genius, and subsequently joined Jim as a business Partner.

This balanced, effective and (dare we say) relaxed partnership is well recognised and appreciated by the company’s loyal and long-term clients. Our clients value our committed service that ensures their technology, and therefore business, is always ON. They equally value our proactive expert advice that is available anytime, anywhere.

For us, leadership is about consistently providing a fit-for-purpose customer centric solution. This means using our expertise and communication to solve what can be a complex problem in a way that is right for our customers evolving needs.

Kim Pham

Kim Pham dislikes titles. He would prefer to be called a Geek rather than a CTO, or Chief Technology Advisor, the role he is recognised and respected for by his team and clients.

Kim lives and breathes technology and tech innovation. His excitement with cracking new technologies and building them into client solutions perfectly matches Jim’s energy and passion for developing bullet-proof business processes and life-long customer relationships.

“Secret to reliable technology? Do it right the first time.” Kim Pham

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Jim Kay

Jim Kay has honed his business leadership skills and uncompromising process discipline in corporate IT. Thirty years ago he took the critical elements of corporate IT: high quality technology, robust system design and good communication across all levels to small business.

Jim’s passion, as a leader of a technology services company, is to provide his customers with a true competitive edge and freedom from unnecessary mundane tasks, so they can do what they do best, better.

“I only make money if it works for my clients.” Jim Kay

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Our People & Culture

Our business culture is 100% customer centric. It is also intrinsically linked to our business model grounded in our Purpose, Vision and Core Values.

In the digital world of ‘Everything-As-A-Service’, we, as a business and team, exist to help our Customers harness technology to deliver superior outcomes for their customers, patients and communities through our ‘Service is Everything’ philosophy.

This philosophy enables us to humanise the relationship between people and technology in healthcare, financial services and not for profit sectors. Because we focus on specific industries sectors, we intimately KNOW the domain, technologies, workflows and the governance environment, as well as the ‘human factor” challenges of our customers and market. This translates into the best solutions to their specific business problems.

Our focus on customer outcomes foster agile and independent decision making. Every team member at IT Networks is empowered to take leadership in their role, and take actions to deliver customer outcomes, and therefore, business outcomes.

We work in an open office environment, together and constantly interacting with our customers via a range of channels. This creates a strong communication flow, supporting the Brand Values that enable us to deliver customer service, which in turn, builds customer loyalty and mutual success.

While very much focused on our professional work, we are a close and supportive group. We all enjoy time flexibility with options for virtual, remote work, an employee wellness program and Wellness Coach.

In a nutshell: at IT Networks you are empowered and independent but never alone!

Our Customer Support Process

Everything we do has human and customer focus.

1. Determine Mutual Fit

Understanding your specific business situation

2. Mutual Commitment

Proactive advice and long-term relationships

3. Team & Leaders

We lead and live by values that serve to serve us

4. Fit-for-Purpose Technology

Adapting corporate grade IT to MSE agility & needs

5. Open & human Communication

Until AI can match our team, you talk to humans

6. vCIO Strategy & Innovation

High level support for technology-led growth

What our clients can expect from us

For our clients, as managed service providers, we are a trusted resource and support team based in Melbourne. You can speak with us confidentially and our conversations will always have the best interest of you and your business at its core. We work as part of your business, creating an effective IT Department at a fixed cost. We provide a business grade service that requires little to no intervention from your internal team. We take care of your IT headaches and you can rest assured that we are backed by public liability and professional indemnity should any crisis arise.

What we expect from our clients

Our relationship with clients is a true partnership that we expect to be mutually beneficial. It’s the trust clients have in our management and team through proven processes that enable us to be the proactive service that they require.