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New Australian Top Level au Domain Coming Soon


au domain

What’s the Buzz?

Australia is about to get its own TLD (Top Level Domain) with the au domain  being released in March 2022.  This new TLD, ‘au’ will allow your organisation to use companyname.au  as its main online presence.  For example our domain name is itnetworks.com.au, the new ‘au’ will allow us to have itnetworks.au   In similar fashion to ‘uk’ and ‘nz’ domains.

Get in Quick

If your current ‘com.au’ domain was registered before Feb 2018, then you will be given priority to purchase the au domain.  Purchasing the rights to use the au domain is important if your company name is synonymous to your current ‘com.au’ domain.  Priority will only be given for 6 months from March 2022, after which almost anyone can buy the au domain. 


Our good friends at Centre In Finance (reach out if you need a awesome financial planner) have domain name cifp.com.au

In March 2022 they will be able to register cifp.au

If for some reason they decide not to register cifp.au , John Smith (names have been changed to protect the innocent) can go ahead and register cifp.au  , which could be bad for our friends at Centre In Finance.

So in conclusion, make sure you set your alarm clocks for March 2022 and let us know if you would like us to register your ‘au’ domain for you.

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