IT Network Security Perth

Our goal is to protect your business and brand integrity.

IT Networks provide specialist IT network security management and solutions for the core sectors we work with.

IT Network Security Perth

The threat of IT network security and cybercrime cannot be overstated. While insurance can offer some financial protection, it cannot make up for the potential damage to a business’s reputation, customer relations, and future prospects that a data breach or malicious attack can cause. In this digital age, prevention is the most effective way of mitigating IT network security risk; proactive measures are much more beneficial than taking out a policy and hoping for the best. Investing in strong IT network security systems and protocols is the only surefire way of protecting your business from harm.

IT Network Security Specialists

IT Networks is a leading IT network security provider in Perth. We offer managed security solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses, so they can remain secure and always up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Our team of experienced IT professionals are ready to work with you to provide a comprehensive solution that ensures your company’s data and systems are safe from malicious attacks. Contact us today and find out how we can help you protect your business!

Australian Cybersecurity Centre Network Partner

IT Networks is a proud member of the ACSC Partner Network, contributing to Australia’s goal of becoming the safest and most secure online environment in the world.

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IT Network Security Perth

IT Network Security Management

We are committed to providing comprehensive and robust IT network security solutions that protect businesses from malicious threats. Our team of experienced network security professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your company’s data remains safe and secure by implementing industry-standard authentication protocols with multiple levels of access.

Our goal is to make sure your business’s integrity and brand remain uncompromised.

Managed IT Security Solutions

At IT Networks, our team of certified IT professionals is focused on maintaining the utmost security, functionality and usability for your software and network. We do this by providing vendor updates that include bugfixes and other measures to ensure your computer programs are running smoothly. In addition, these timely updates often improve security, performance, as well as enhance overall user experience.

With IT Networks on the job, you can rest assured knowing that your business operations are secure and reliable.

IT Security for Specialist Industries

IT Networks provide IT security support for many industries, including:

• IT security for Cardiology and Respiratory Medical Practices

• IT security for Dental Practices

• IT security for Financial Services, including Financial Planning and Accounting Practices

• IT security for Not for Profit and NGO organisations.

• IT security for small businesses

• Corporate IT security 

• Network IT security

Scalable IT Security

  • Quickly adjust costs according to your budget
  • Keep overhead low with no capital expenditure required
  • Easily scale up or down depending on current needs
  • Ensure compliance with detailed user data access monitoring
  • Comprehensive access control for secure data access

Our Management Team

Kim Pham

Kim Pham dislikes titles. He would prefer to be called a Geek rather than a CTO, or Chief Technology Advisor, the role he is recognised and respected for by his team and clients.

Kim lives and breathes technology and tech innovation. His excitement with cracking new technologies and building them into client solutions perfectly matches Jim’s energy and passion for developing bullet-proof business processes and life-long customer relationships.

“Secret to reliable technology? Do it right the first time.” Kim Pham

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Jim Kay

Jim Kay has honed his business leadership skills and uncompromising process discipline in corporate IT. Thirty years ago he took the critical elements of corporate IT: high quality technology, robust system design and good communication across all levels to small business.

Jim’s passion, as a leader of a technology services company, is to provide his customers with a true competitive edge and freedom from unnecessary mundane tasks, so they can do what they do best, better.

“I only make money if it works for my clients.” Jim Kay

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IT Network Security Compliance

  • Ensure your data is accessed according to your corporate security policy.
  • Ensure legislative requirements are met.

We provide:

  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Environment audits.
  • Consulting and vCIO.
  • Industry specific compliance.

We cover:

  • The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) which affects all businesses.
  • ASIC (RG 104) for Financial Planners.
  • Tax Practitioners Board Cloud computing requirements.
  • The AMA General Code of Professional Conduct.

How Are We Different To Other IT Security Companies?

• Simplifying the Complex: We tame the explosive growth in the number of endpoints and interconnected devices.

• Fully monitored and managed by our Perth-based team of trained and accredited specialists.

• Managed and Monitored 24 x 7.

• Best industry practices employed and maintained.

• Reduce your IT Headcount and have them working on innovation instead of putting out bushfires.

Are you sure your IT System meets the Legal Compliance?

Is your Business Continuity FREE of a Data disaster RISK?

Managed IT Network Security Perth

There are 5 Must-Have Success Elements of Business Technology for an SME to operate with the necessary efficiency, reliability and speed. The difference can be between being highly successful or closing down. Our key services address these five mission-critical issues.
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Managed IT
IT Collaboration
IT Security
IT Cloud Solutions
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Trusted in the Australian marketplace for over 30 years.

Our Partnerships

IT Networks partners and holds accreditations with several vendors. We carefully choose best-of-breed vendors with whom we choose to partner with. This enables us to have both extensive knowledge of the products which we recommend and the ability to provide competitive pricing on the relevant vendors’ products. 

We are certified Microsoft Partners, meaning we have the training and experience to help your business grow using Microsoft products. Microsoft trusts our team and you can too.

Our staff are also highly experienced with networking and security having achieved various Cisco Certifications across multiple staff members.