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Comprehensive Small Business IT Support in Melbourne

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Small Business IT Support Melbourne

It.Networks provides small business it support in Melbourne. 

If you are a business with 5 staff or fewer, you are a Small Business.  Who looks after your IT? As a small business, you still need to be able to rely on your technology to successfully run your business.

Whether it’s getting access to emails, ensuring your printers are working or simply resetting a lost password because life gets in the way and you forget these little trivial things, IT Networks is here to help. 

We understand that as a business, you don’t have the time or money to be constantly fixing IT issues, which is why we provide a comprehensive IT support service for small businesses in Melbourne.

As your business grows, we can grow with you and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Does your Small Business need IT Support?

  1. Do you rely on technology to run your business?
  2. Are you concerned about data security?
  3. Do you need someone to call if things go wrong?
  4. Do you want to reduce your running costs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, partnering with an IT specialist to take care of all your IT needs can help you.   You have come to the right place.   Contact us today and see how we can support your business. 

Small Business IT Melbourne Support

IT Support for Small Businesses Melbourne

Business IT support for any type of small home-based business – no business is too small. We specialise in providing quality-managed IT support and solutions to SMEs in:

  • Gaming and App Development
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Website and Graphic Design 
  • Digital Media Content Creators
  • Interior Design Business
  • Professional Consulting Services
  • Staffing Agency
  • Administrative and Business Support Services
  • Forex Trading Business
  • Real Estate/ Accommodation / Rental Services
  • Wedding Planning Services
  • Photography Business
  • Travel Agency/ Tourism
  • Food Services/ Restaurant/ Bakery
  • Virtual Office Space Rentals
  • Airport Shuttle / Limo / Vehicle Hire Businesses
  • Automotive Repair and Maintenance
  • Transport / Logistics / Warehousing
  • Trucking / Delivery / Courier Businesses
  • Elderly Care Business
  • Cleaning Business
  • Trades and Contractors
  • Roofing/ Fencing Companies
  • Retail / Warehouse / Distribution
  • Architecture / Small Construction Companies
  • Financial Services / Small Accounting Firms
  • Cloud Bookkeeping Business
  • Immigration Consulting Services
  • Security Business
  • Training and Education
  • Art/ Entertainment / Recreation
  • Family-Owned Businesses

Why you should consider IT Networks Small Business IT Support

We specialize in providing prompt resolutions to keep your business running smoothly.


Engaging IT Networks will provide you with the following.


  1. Reduced operating costs that are a known quantity – Fixed Price.
  2. Monthly reports on your IT environment – Accountability.
  3. Guaranteed delivery of reliable services – Service Level Agreement.
  4. The ability to grow your business and scale your IT needs accordingly – Flexibility.


If your business requires an IT specialist to take care of all your IT needs, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and see how we can support your business. 

Why does small business need IT Support?

All technology needs to be managed.  The size of your business does not dictate this need. Chances are you are using an internal staff member to manage your IT. We see this a lot. What you need to realise is there is a cost in having your IT Managed, regardless of who does it. A staff member of a small business managing 5 computers would on average spend approximately 5 hours a week on IT Support if they were doing everything that needs to be done.  If you are not spending this amount of time then your Small Business IT Support is run on a “best-effort” basis with fingers crossed, hoping that today’s minor problems will not turn into tomorrow’s disasters.

Apart from the 5 hours to provide small business IT Support, the unofficial “IT Manager” rarely explores ways to improve efficiency, workflow, and productivity. This would take considerably more time and this task takes someone with the right skill set to truly make a difference.

Why have untrained staff do the job?

Your employees are employed to contribute to the success of your company when they are trained to perform their jobs accordingly. Having an internal staff member perform the role of IT Support for your organisation requires you to train them. Apart from the cost of the necessary training, there are other things to consider.

  • The time is taken from their primary role
  • The limited number of resources you have as a small business
  • What happens when they fall ill or take leave
  • The different roles and skill set needed to perform the function of an IT Department.
  • The commercial viability in engaging a Managed Service Provider to provide IT Support

Costs for small business IT support

The cost of small business IT solutions can vary based on the type of services that your business needs. However, using a service like IT Networks is typically always cheaper than employing an internal resource to perform the same task. Our automation and tools allow us to provide small business IT at a very competitive rate.

Your fully Managed small business IT support in Melbourne

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the best possible service, and our team of certified IT professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of your technology. Our pricing is transparent and affordable, and we focus on ensuring your business processes are efficient and secure. We provide comprehensive small business IT support solutions so you can focus on what you’re good at – running your business! We’re passionate about helping small businesses succeed, and our team of IT experts are ready to help you take your business to the next level!

We provide you with the same capabilities as a large tech company would, ensuring that your business is always secure and efficient. We work to support your business processes and long-term goals, providing you with the tools you need to succeed. With our help, your business can compete with the best of them.

Our fixed monthly cost-per-user pricing model is both affordable and transparent, providing you with the ability to see your complete costs and scale up operations quickly.

We think of everything that is required to support all aspects of your business IT and core technologies so you can focus on being the best at your core business. Whether offsite or onsite small business IT support in Melbourne is required, IT Networks are here for you.

Small Business IT Support Services Melbourne

There are 5 Must-Have Success Elements of Business Technology for an SME to operate with the necessary efficiency, reliability and speed. The difference can be between being highly successful or closing down. Our key services address these five mission-critical issues.
managed it services
Managed IT
IT Collaboration
IT Security
IT Cloud Solutions
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Why should I choose IT Networks as small business IT provider?

Here are 5 reasons our loyal, long-term clients love our small business IT support services:

Trusted small business IT support in Melbourne for over 30 years.

Our Partnerships

We are certified Microsoft Partners, meaning we have the training and experience to help your business grow using Microsoft products. Microsoft trusts our team and you can too. Our staff are also highly experienced with networking and security having achieved various Cisco Certifications across multiple staff members. IT Networks partners and holds accreditations with several vendors. We carefully choose best-of-breed vendors with whom we choose to partner with. This enables us to have both extensive knowledge of the products which we recommend and the ability to provide competitive pricing on the relevant vendors’ products.  

Australian Cybersecurity Centre Network Partner

IT Networks is a proud member of the ACSC Partner Network, contributing to Australia’s goal of becoming the safest and most secure online environment in the world.

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