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it.security.check has been developed by IT Networks for businesses like yours, in health, finance, NFP and other specialist SME sectors. It is based on insights from over 30 years of supporting IT systems.


Today, every business runs on IT. The exponential growth of businesses complexity, with more technologies, more interconnected apps, and more devices, brings increasingly more IT threats.

Hence, IT security is synonymous with Business health. Poor IT security may cause anything from an annoying interruption or embarrassing loss of data to a total business disaster from which many businesses never recover.

So, testing IT health is the question of survival! Taking this test will help you understand, on a decision-making level, the general health of your IT systems in terms of IT Management, IT Security and IT Compliance.

You have nothing to lose. Take this fully confidential test. It takes less than two minutes to answer nine questions. You will receive a comprehensive, written Report together with your score. Please note, that if you want to gain valuable insights from this, you need to be completely honest in your answers. Enjoy!

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