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We exist to enable specialist organisations in healthcare, finance and Not-for-Profit to leverage business technologies with our managed IT services to deliver superior outcomes for their customers, patients and communities.

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IT Partner

The right IT Partner will proactively work to boost your business performance and to reduce operational costs of your information technology systems.

IT Collaboration

Cloud collaboration is a critical element of every business today. We make your cloud collaboration reliable, effective and safe.

IT Security

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges for business today as external attacks are becoming more advanced.

IT Solutions
Business needs to have efficient and reliable infrastructure. Cloud based systems provide cost- effective, secure and scalable options.
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Information technology function is what keeps a business operating efficiently and safely. We can help you mitigate IT disasters with IT strategic planning.

5 Reasons why you’ll love our IT Support

While changing an IT services provider can be more difficult than changing a bank, our customers find it incredibly easy to move across to IT Networks. Here is why.

We Focus on your Industry

Business technologies are becoming increasingly more complex and diverse. To effectively add value to your business as an IT service provider, we focus on selected industry sectors. Check out how we support businesses in your industry with their information technology requirements.


We provide Healthcare Practice Managers and Owners with strategic IT services including vCIO support to safeguard your business success and continuity.


Increasingly, best Accounting and Financial Services firms outsource their information technology to ensure continuity and speed of operations, security, compliance and the sheer volume of work it takes to get this right.


Today NFPs and NGOs rely on managed IT services to ensure maximum efficiency, transparency and data security.

Your business doesn’t fit into one of these sectors?

Don’t give up. If you want customer-focused IT services for your SME, we want to hear from you.

How well does your IT System support your Business Success? Data Security? Business Processes?

How well does your IT System support your Business Success?


Transparent Pricing Model

While changing your IT provider is as uncommon as changing your bank, our customers find it not just easy but also rewarding on more than just a monetary level. Our transparent, no-surprises-no-risk pricing model is a win-win for your business and IT Networks. We both win when our information technology services minimise or prevent problems and you only pay for what you need as a flat rate per user.


Basic Systems
An ideal option for a small business with up to 5 users to ensure safe and smooth operation. Gain a support team to call when required.



per week


Most Popular

Great value option for a business with 6-15 users. We proactively monitor your IT systems to ensure business security and continuity. Gain peace of mind and someone to call that knows you.



per week


Premium Support
The ultimate IT Department. Ideal for a business with 15+ users at a low fixed cost. You can fully focus on your core business, and we will ensure your IT systems allow you to succeed.



per week

All packages are fully installed, managed and maintained.

Meet Our Leaders

“Business success is about accountability. Measure everything you can.”

Jim Kay

“My philosophy for reliable IT? Do it right the first time.”

Kim Pham