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Cyber Security Services Melbourne

IT Networks provides cyber security services in Melbourne to businesses of all size.  We provide cyber security help to small home-based business or a team of 1000. 

What is Cyber Security Management

Cybersecurity management is the practice of identifing vanuralibilities, patching these vuanerabilities, reviewing policies, implementing best practise policies, and reviewing and monitoring your critical systems and sensitive information from cyber attacks.

Identify and address your cyber security weaknesses with an Essential Eight assessment in Melbourne

We are proudly an Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) Network Partner. Our Cyber Security specialists can help you secure your files, network, policies and cloud platforms. As members of ACSC we specialist in security your organisation using a set of standard developed by the ACSC called the Essential Eight. 

Our goal is to protect your business and brand integrity.

Analysis and holistic view of your organisations cyber security.
Best practices and recommended next steps
Meet your cyber security requirements

Cyber Security Specialists Melbourne

IT Networks is an experienced Melbourne based provider of managed cybersecurity services that provides businesses with comprehensive network security services. IT Networks are cybersecurity specialists knowledgeable in audit and management processes to ensure your network is constantly monitored and updated with the latest protection against malicious activities.

Australian Cyber Security Centre Network Partner

IT Networks is a proud member of the ACSC Partner Network, contributing to Australia’s goal of becoming the safest and most secure online environment in the world.

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Cyber Security Company Melbourne - IT Networks

Who can our cyber security experts help?

The need for reliable cyber security services is particularly pertinent to businesses who have critical infrastructure and are exposed to potential vulnerabilities.

We can support a small home-based business or a team of 1000, no business is too small or large. We specialise in providing cyber security services and solutions to businesses in:

  • SMEs
  • Large Corporations
  • B2B companies
  • Education/ Schools & Universities
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services/ Banks / Accounting Firms
  • Not-for-profit Organisations
  • For-profit businesses with online websites
  • Retail / e-Commerce
  • Architecture and Construction Industries
  • Legal / Law Firms
  • Logistics
  • Government / Public Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecom
  • Start-Ups

What is a Cyber-Attack?

The most common and notable types of cybersecurity attacks include:
  • Phishing and social-engineering-based attacks. Attackers trick legitimate users with proper access credentials into taking action that opens the door for unauthorised users, allowing them to transfer information and data out (data exfiltration).
  • Internet-facing service risks (including cloud services). These threats relate to the failure of enterprises, partners and vendors to adequately secure cloud services or other internet-facing services (for example, configuration management failure) from known threats.
  • Password-related account compromises. Unauthorised users deploy software or other hacking techniques to identify common and reused passwords they can exploit to gain access to confidential systems, data or assets.
  • Misuse of information. Authorised users inadvertently or deliberately disseminate or otherwise misuse information or data to which they have legitimate access.
  • Network-related and man-in-the-middle attacks. Attackers may be able to eavesdrop on unsecured network traffic or redirect or interrupt traffic as a result of failure to encrypt messages within and outside an organisation’s network.
  • Supply chain attacks. Partners, vendors or other third-party assets or systems (or code) become compromised, creating a vector to attack or exfiltrate information from enterprise systems.
  • Denial-of-service attacks (DoS). Attackers overwhelm enterprise systems and cause a temporary shutdown or slowdown. Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks also flood systems, by using a network of devices.
Ransomware This malicious software infects an organisation’s systems and restricts access to encrypted data or systems until a ransom is paid to the perpetrator. Some attackers threaten to release data if the ransom isn’t paid.
IT Networks ACSC Partner Logo

Australian Cybersecurity Centre Network Partner

IT Networks is a proud member of the ACSC Partner Network, contributing to Australia’s goal of becoming the safest and most secure online environment in the world.

Cyber Security Management Melbourne

While it is not possible for Melbourne companies to reduce cybersecurity risk to zero, it is possible to materially reduce cybersecurity risk. We use a four-step approach to significantly reduce this risk. Our approach is outlined below.

1. Risk Profile

The first part of the process is to develop a risk profile for your organisation.   The goal of the risk profile is to provide an understanding of the risks that exist by assigning a value to each identified threat and the danger they pose to the organisation.

Each organisation has its own risk profile, based on the assets it wants to protect, the goals they want to achieve and its ability to handle those risks.

Each Windows computer attached to your private network is scanned as part of this process and the type of data held is documented and given a risk value.   This provides a data-centric approach to security that identifies what unprotected sensitive data exists.

2. IT Governance

We implement policies for your organisation that satisfy the goals that your organisation seeks to achieve.  The policies implemented may also meet your obligations to obtain cybersecurity insurance from your preferred insurer.

A summary of the policies we typically put in place are provided below.   We can work with any existing policies you may have in place, or we can create policies for you using our existing templates.

IT Cyber Security Policies

A summary of the policies we typically put in place are provided below.   We can work with any existing policies you may have in place, or we can create policies for you using our existing templates.

Policy for use of software

This policy provides guidelines for the use of software for all employees within the business to ensure that all software use is appropriate.

Bring your own device policy

This policy provides guidelines for the use of personally owned notebooks, smart phones and tablets for business purposes.

Information Technology Security Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the protection and use of information technology assets and resources within the business to ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and assets.

Information Technology Administration Policy

This policy provides guidelines for the administration of information technology assets and resources within the business.

IT Service Agreement Policy

This policy provides guidelines for all IT service agreements entered into on behalf of the business.

Emergency Management of Information Technology

This policy provides guidelines for emergency management of all information technology within the business.

IT Incident Management Policy

This policy provides guidelines for, detecting and responding to malicious activity on networks and hosts, such as cyber security events and cyber security incidents.

As every organisation is different, the polices outlined above are not a complete set of policies that will be required.   We have simply listed the most common policies that may be required to satisfy your requirements.

Policy Audit

Once policies are established, your systems are audited by IT Networks against the said policies.   Any shortfall and appropriate remediation are documented and delivered to you as a fully costed project.

Once all organisational policies are satisfied, IT Networks ongoing support ensures continued compliance is satisfied.   Ongoing monitoring and management of your IT Systems becomes the responsibility of IT Networks through either one of the ongoing support options you may have already subscribed to, or the IT Networks Managed Cybersecurity package.

Managed Cyber Security Advantages

There are many advantages of using IT Networks Managed Cybersecurity for your business:

Managed IT Cyber Security Melbourne

There are 5 Must-Have Success Elements of Business Technology for an SME to operate with the necessary efficiency, reliability and speed. The difference can be between being highly successful or closing down. Our key services address these five mission-critical issues.
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Trusted in the Australian marketplace for over 30 years.

Our Partnerships

IT Networks partners and holds accreditations with several vendors. We carefully choose best-of-breed vendors with whom we choose to partner with. This enables us to have both extensive knowledge of the products which we recommend and the ability to provide competitive pricing on the relevant vendors’ products. 

We are certified Microsoft Partners, meaning we have the training and experience to help your business grow using Microsoft products. Microsoft trusts our team and you can too.

Our staff are also highly experienced with networking and security having achieved various Cisco Certifications across multiple staff members.

Organisations have become far more vulnerable to cyberthreats because digital information and technology are now so heavily integrated into day-to-day work.   The attacks themselves, which target both information and critical infrastructure, are also becoming far more sophisticated.

Cyber-risk incidents can have operational, financial, reputational, and strategic consequences for an organisation, all of which come at significant costs. This has made existing measures less effective, and it means that most organisations need to up their cybersecurity game.

Cyber-attacks can have serious consequences to the operations and performance of companies, potentially leading to financial losses, data breaches, and other damages. Cybersecurity specialists are critical to the modern business environment. With the ever-increasing prevalence of cyber threats and attacks, companies must take appropriate measures to protect their customers and business.