IT Security Solutions

Our goal is to protect your business and brand integrity.

IT Networks provide specialist IT security solutions and support for the core sectors we work with.

What is IT Security and Why You Need it?

IT security is more than buying insurance. Insurance cannot cover potential damage. Unlike rebuilding a house, you often cannot repair business damage. IT security issues can come from technology or people.

How IT Security Safeguards Technology

At IT Networks, our technical team works constantly to ensure that your software is up to date, your network is reliable and by applying vendor updates that keep your computer programs in good shape.

This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, with such vendor updates usually being called bugfixes or bug fixes, and improving the security, functionality, usability or performance.

How IT Security Safeguards People and Data

IT security solutions can be easily impacted by people performing tasks and causing, often unintentional damage. We ensure that your company operates using secure access protocols with multiple levels of access authentication, using industry specific compliance requirements. We ensure that industry best practices are always implemented and that access to your data is appropriated logged so it can always be audited if required.

Our goal is to protect your business and brand integrity.

IT Security for Specialist Industries

IT Networks provide specialist IT security support for the core sectors we work with:

• IT security for Cardiology and Respiratory Medical Practices

• IT security for Dental Practices

• IT security for Financial Services, including Financial Planning and Accounting Practices

• IT security for Not for Profit and NGO organisations.

Scalable Security

  • Easy to Manage Cost.
  • No Capital Expenditure.
  • Increase or decrease numbers as required, month per month.
  • Reduce your compliance costs.
  • Know who is accessing your data.

Security Compliance

  • Ensure your data is accessed according to your corporate security policy.
  • Ensure legislative requirements are met.

We provide:

  • Policies and Procedures.
  • Environment audits.
  • Consulting and vCIO.
  • Industry specific compliance.

We cover:

  • The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) which affects all businesses.
  • ASIC (RG 104) for Financial Planners.
  • Tax Practitioners Board Cloud computing requirements.
  • The AMA General Code of Professional Conduct.

Trusted Professionals

• Simplifying the Complex: We tame the explosive growth in the number of endpoints and interconnected devices.

• Fully monitored and managed by our Melbourne based team of trained and accredited specialists.

• Managed and Monitored 24 x 7.

• Best industry practices employed and maintained.

• Reduce your IT Headcount and have them working on innovation instead of putting out bushfires.

Are you sure your IT System meets the Legal Compliance?

Is your Business Continuity FREE of a Data disaster RISK?

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There are 5 Must-Have Success Elements of Business Technology for an SME to operate with the necessary efficiency, reliability and speed. The difference can be between being highly successful or closing down. Our key services address these five mission-critical issues.
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