How to configure Office 365 relay for your MFD

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office 365 relay

Multi Function Devices

Do you have a Multi Function Device (MFD) that scans your documents and emails them to you?    If you are using Office 365, here is how you configure scan to email through Office 365 relay.

Office 365 Relay

In order for your MFD to be able to send email through Office 365, you have to enable Email Relay in your Microsoft tenant.   Follow the simple steps below to configure this.    You will need your public IP address.   Go to whats my IP if you do not have these details and make note of the IP address provided.

How To

  1. Log into your Microsoft 365 account with your tenant login
  2. In the Admin Centers on the left click on Exchange
  3. Under Mail Flow click on Connectors
  4. If you don’t have one already click on Add a connector
  5. Click on Your organization’s email server under Connection from
  6. Connect to will be set as Office 365.
  7. Give this connector a name and description.
  8. Under Authenticating sent email click on By verifying that the IP address.
  9. Enter the public IP address of your site and then click the + sign.
  10. Click next and under review connector, verify that everything is set up correct and click on Create connector.
  11. Scan a document to your email address to test it all works OK.

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