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Free compliance check for Medical Practices


Healthcare Compliance

What happens during a compliance check?

Ever wondered what you will be asked if the IT in your Medical Practice was audited?    Ever wondered how you would fare if your IT was audited?    Here is a great compliance check tool to get you started.

What to look out for

We have written many articles on compliance for medical practices.   Dealing with the unique issues that Healthcare has on a daily basis positions us well in this area.  Here are just a few of the articles available for you to read on this topic.

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  3. NBN for medical practices
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  5. Using 3CX to Provide Patients Information
  6. OneDrive for Healthcare

Reading about a compliance check is one thing.    What actually happens if you are audited is something you should be aware of as a Healthcare provider.    That is what we offer you here, all for free.

Free Practice Compliance Check

compliance check

An audit starts with some preliminary questions that are designed to point an auditor in the right direction.    Depending on how you answer gives the auditor an overview of what you have in place and where any shortfalls may be revealed.

Take the sample Practice Audit Check here.

Do the test.   It is free and will give you an understanding of what will be asked and what you should ensure you have in place before an audit is conducted.

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