How Much Does A Cyber Audit Cost

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How much does a cyber audit cost In an era where cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication and frequency, safeguarding against potential breaches and attacks is paramount for businesses operating in Australia. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has outlined a set of baseline security strategies known as the Essential Eight, designed to mitigate […]

What is the Telco Embargo

Telco Embargo? Every year Telecommunications (Telco) carriers in Australia effectively shut down over the Christmas period.    Orders are all put on hold until the telco embargo ends.                                  What is the Impact? During the telco embargo period, any new […]

Scams are on the rise

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It’s been all over the news, scams are on the rise.   Here is what to look out for and what you should do. Current Scams While the types of threats seem to differ, they all appear to have one common goal.   Access to your computer or your mobile device is the goal.    We have […]

APPLE ID and Microsoft 365

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APPLE ID Having a single username and password for your Apple ID and Microsoft 365 subscriptions is a must have.    Here are some tips and tricks for integrating Apple Business Manager (ABM) and Microsoft 365. Setting up Apple Business Manager If you havent setup ABM, then this is the first thing that must be […]

APPLE ID for the Workplace and 2 good reasons to use Apple Business Manager

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Apple Devices in Your Workplace Are you using Apple devices in your organisation?  Statistically, 15%, or 1.5 in ten of your employees is using an Apple device. The question is, are your employees using their personal APPLE ID on the device you have supplied them? Device Ownership First and foremost, if the device is owned […]

Securing Guests in Teams

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So you are using Teams and SharePoint to store your data. Sharing this data with users that are external to your organisation needs to be secure. Here is a quick overview of how to secure your data

Share Files Using Teams

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Using a cloud service to securely share files is easy if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. This short article explains how to get started.

SharePoint Data on your local PC

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SharePoint Data If your organisation has moved to the cloud, there is a good chance you are using SharePoint to store your data. This article shows you how to access that data easily on your local PC. You do not have to use a web browser.   This method makes the data accessible to all of […]

Stuck in the Cloud

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Are you stuck? Are the IT resources and services you are paying for competitive?    Have you moved to the cloud and found you are now stuck there?  With undeniable benefits and an imperative of the connected world, cloud economy is a reality. However, the ongoing debate about the best cloud model for business appears […]

Free compliance check for Medical Practices

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What happens during a compliance check? Ever wondered what you will be asked if the IT in your Medical Practice was audited?    Ever wondered how you would fare if your IT was audited?    Here is a great compliance check tool to get you started. What to look out for We have written many […]