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Extending the Wireless Network coverage at your Medical Practice


A Typical Wireless Network

Some Medical Practices operate from Medical Suites and don’t have the flexibility to hardwire cables into each room. We usually find network cables running up and around door frames with sticky tape holding them in place!   No longer do you need to do this, using Mesh Wireless Access Points we can extend the network without needing to run cables. 

The way it works is that instead of needing to run a cable to each Wireless Network Access Point, the Access Points create a wireless link between themselves to extend the network.

Typical Scenario:

wireless network cabling

IT Networks Wireless Network Extension Solution:

medical practice extend network

Meshed wireless also allows a user to walk around the office (between wireless access points) and not drop their connection.    This typically happens with VoIP calls using a cordless phone.   The meshed access points become one unit, working together seamlessly providing a stable and high speed network.

If you think this is something of interest to you, please feel free to reach out to us.  Its a lot more cost effective then you think (and safer too!).

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