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3CX Voicemail User Guide

3CX Telephone System

Trouble Navigating 3CX Voicemail on Your Phone?

We get a range of help requests from our customers.    One that comes up regularly is how to manage voicemail on your phone.   So, I decided to look into it.

Oddly, even after searching the 3CX.com website, I couldn’t find a simple 3CX Voicemail user guide that showed me the options available for navigating through your voicemail box using the phone. The best I could find was this blog post: Managing your Voicemail using any Desk Phone which is very brief so I’ve expanded on it below.

The system will read out all the prompts if you can be bothered waiting but I’m impatient!

Some of these options may be customised so this article is based on an out-of-the-box installation of 3CX in Australia. (I’ve no idea if the different language packs change the options!)

Getting Started with 3CX Voicemail

Assuming voicemail is enabled for your extension, dial the voicemail pilot number to access your mailbox. The default pilot number is usually the last in your number range. So, if your extensions are three digits long starting with 7 then your voicemail pilot is probably 799. Check with your provider if that doesn’t work.

When you access your mailbox, you will be told whether or not you have any messages waiting and then you are at the Main Menu and should hear the list of available options which are:

Main Menu

Play Messages
1 Change Your Profile
3 Dial a Number
(By default this option is usually disabled.)
4 Delete All Read Messages
You will be prompted to confirm deleting all read messages by pressing star.
To cancel, press hash.
5 Change Your Self Identification message
6 Play Mailbox Information
Repeats the information about how many messages you have.
7 Change PIN Number
8 Change Your Greeting Message
9 Repeat this Prompt
# Exit (or hang up)

Change your Profile

This is where you change your “availability” profile

1 Available
2 Away
3 Out of Office
4 Custom Profile 1
5 Custom Profile 2
9 Repeat this Prompt
# Back to the Main Menu

Change your Self Identification message

Your self-identification message is the message played to identify your mailbox. It will usually be your name.

0 Record New Self Identification Message
1 Delete Message
2 Check Current Self Identification Message
9 Repeat this prompt
# Back to the Main Menu

Change PIN Number

This is where you can set or change your PIN.

Even though the menu option uses the annoying phrase “PIN Number” (you don’t need the word number, that’s what the N in PIN stands for!), the rest of the prompts (at least in the default English) refer to your PIN Code!

When prompted, enter a new PIN and then press hash.

Your new PIN will be read back to you and if it is correct, press star to save or press hash to cancel and return to the Main Menu.

Change Your Greeting Message

Your greeting message is what callers hear when they reach your mailbox. Generally it is considered good practice to identify yourself and provide clear instructions for your callers. For example, “Hi. You’ve called Rob at IT Networks. I’m sorry I am unable to take your call. Please leave your name and contact number and I will return your call as soon as possible”.

0 Record new Greeting Message
Follow the prompt to record a new message and press # when done.
You then have the options to save the message by pressing 0, re-record it by pressing 1, listen to the recording by pressing 2 or press # to exit and discard changes.
1 Restore Standard Message
2 Check Current Greeting Message
9 Repeat this prompt
# Back to the Main Menu

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