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How to Setup Out of Office Message on All Your Devices


Out of Office

With the holiday season coming up , one of the most asked questions is ‘How do I setup Out of Office message?’. The additional frustration is that if you want to set it up on different devices, you need to Google each one separately.

Not anymore. This easy guide has step by step instructions for every device and operating platform you are currently using.

Choose your Platform

Windows – Outlook

In Outlook, click File > Automatic Replies
windows outlook out of office

Click Send automatic replies > Outside My Organisation
windows oof

MAC – Outlook

In Outlook Click Tools > Out of Office
mac out of office

Tick Send Automatic Replies
mac out of office

Web – Using your favourite browser

Go to:  https://outlook.office365.com

Click Settings > View all Outlook Settings
web out of office

Click ‘Automatic Replies’
web out of office

Android – Outlook App

In the Outlook App tap Settings > {your Account} > Automatic Replies
Android Out of Office

Apple iPhone – IOS Mail

Tap Settings > Mail > Accounts > {Account} > Automatic Reply
iphone out of office

Linux – Debian Distro

Ha good one, no one uses Linux~ !

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