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NBN Business Grade

Yes. Australia’s NBN Network rollout is now officially completed. But why should you care? This is great news for your business.

In Australia business is getting back to a new normal. this means that not everything will be the same. One of the major impacts of Covid-19 has been an accelerated digitisation of business, whether it is ongoing presence of remote work or continued use of video conferencing to stay close to your customers more effectively.

All this means: the need for speed. And that’s where NBN makes a huge difference to business performance, user experience (UX), and, let’s not forget, your brand image.

Are you keeping up?

If you haven’t had a chance to leverage NBN before, now you have the potential to increase the speed of your internet connection and decrease your costs. NBN for Business is designed to save you money and increase your productivity.

But first there are some things that you, as a business owner, or an IT or Administration Manager need to know.

Types of Services

The type of NBN Service available to you will depend on your location. You can check your location using the NBN Address lookup tool. Once you plug your address in, you will see the options available to you.  The type of service that you should aim to purchase for Business is NBN Enterprise Ethernet. This is a Business grade service that is capable of carrying both voice and data over the one service and has a Business Grade Service Level Agreement. Enterprise Ethernet will also allow speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Traffic Classes

Next, you will need to consider the traffic class relevant to your business. All NBN services have different traffic classes that are applied to the service you want to purchase.

NBN for Business

A basic NBN service providing internet access is Traffic Class 4 (TC4). What this means in layman’s terms is your traffic to and from the internet is best effort. There is no guarantee of what speed you will be provided with and you will have a faster download speed compared to your upload speed (asymmetrical). This is very similar to what an ADSL service used to provide before NBN became available.

Traffic Class 1 (TC1) is designed to carry voice traffic commonly referred to as Voice over IP (VoIP). The speed you get is committed or guaranteed so it is designed this way to support voice communication quality. A specific amount of the NBN service is isolated off and classed as TC1 and is just used for voice.

TC2 is used for special services such as video conferencing or a dedicated amount of bandwidth to a data centre from your office/s.    Please call if you have this requirement as the complexity associated with TC2 is significant and the options will depend on your specific requirements.

Your Best NBN Service Choice

Where savings can be made is using multiple traffic classes over a single NBN Service. If you are currently paying for an internet connection and multiple phone lines, these can all be combined into a single NBN service that provides everything on one bill and typically at a very reduced cost compared to paying for multiple services.

A single NBN Enterprise Ethernet service can be purchased at say 100 Mbps of TC4 bandwidth for internet traffic as well as 10 Mbps of TC1 traffic that can be used to provide 10 phone lines.

Business Grade Routers

And, to have all of this work seamlessly, the only other thing you need is a business grade router. Find out more about Business Grade Routers in our recent article.

Accredited Advisors

If trying to get your business connected is all too hard or too confusing, you will be relieved to know that NBN have accredited advisors available for you to use. A list of advisors can be found here or you can contact us as we are also on this list of accredited advisors.

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