You Need Multi-Factor Authentication!

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No excuses! You need Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled. Whether you are small or large, work on-site or remotely, corporate/education/medical/finance/etc., if you have the ability – turn it on.

Why do I need Multi-Factor Authentication?

We’ve posted a few articles on what it is and why you should have it so you know we are serious about it:

A Google search on “Should I use MFA” will provide many more compelling examples as well – but basically, the number 1 reason you need it is because it is just too easy to trick some people into giving away their password.

If you or your organisation are only relying on username and password to secure your data - you are doing it wrong!

Forget stories about super cyber-spies with advanced techniques and powerful computers – the most common thing people fall for is the ol’ “fake Microsoft login” trick from what we call, in the IT Industry, “Script-kiddies”. People with no real skills themselves, they just copy and paste a form and follow a script. If you send it to enough people the laws of probability mean they’ll probably get a few bites.

We’ve seen it time and time again, and it as upsetting for us as it is for our customers, when they get compromised because one of their staff was tricked into logging in to a fake website.

I really don’t want to have to give that news to another customer and the very best thing they can do to stop it – turn on Multi-Factor Authentication for every service that offers it.

Basic MFA comes free with every Microsoft 365 Business subscription (and higher) so if you use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 for your medical practice – whether you are just a small medical practice or running a hospital – you absolutely must turn on MFA.

It’s relatively painless and certainly much less inconvenient that having someone in Nigeria gain access to your patient data.

If you need assistance, please call us. Operating without MFA in 2021 is like running a business without insurance – Everything will be fine right up until it isn’t and then it is too late.

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