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Free Office365 / Microsoft365 Backup for all*

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You can now backup your Office365 Mailboxes for free!  Using Veeam’s Office365 Community Edition, you can backup up to 10 Mailboxes completely free of charge. IT for small business & IT for Not for Profit companies don’t usually have a huge amount of funds to spend and are the most vulnerable.

Veeam for Office365 allows you to secure IT Data in the event of email data loss and also protect businesses from a legal standpoint.  You can even take this Veeam product one step further  in your managed IT cloud and have it do a cloud backup.

Installing Office365 (Microsoft365) Backup with Veeam

  1. Head over to your Office365 Exchange Control Panel (ECP) Portal
  2. Click Permissions > admin roles > New
  3. Give the Role a name then add the following Roles:
    • ApplicationImpersonation
    • View-Only Configuration
    • View-Only Recipients
    • Mailbox Search
    • Mail Recipients
      Office365 Add Role Group roles
      For Members, choose the account you will use to Backup Office365.  We have created an account called ‘serviceacc’ for this purpose.
  4. Check that the assigned Member in the previous step has been assigned the Sharepoint Administrator Role, if not add it.
    Add Sharepoint Administrator Role
  5. Head over to the Sharepoint Admin Centre, and ‘Allow access’ for Apps that don’t use modern authentication
    Allow access for Apps that don’t use modern authentication
  6. Create an AppPassword for the chosen service account used for backup,
    Make note of this password.
  7. Go to the Azure Portal, https://portal.azure.com > All Services > App Registrations > New Registration
    Azure Portal, All Services, App Registrations, New Registration
  8. Click API Permissions > Add a Permission
  9. Select Microsoft Graph > Application Permissions
  10. Choose Directory.Read.All and Group.Read.All Choose Directory Read All and Group Read All
  11. Add further API Permissions,
    Sharepoint : Sites.FullControl.All
    Exchange: full_access_as_app
  12. Once all APIs have been added click Grant Admin Consent
    Click Grant Admin Consent
  13. Click on Certificates & secrets > New client secret

  14. Give it a name and choose your desired expiry, make note of the Certificate Value

  15. Click on Overview, make note of the Application ID
    Make note of the Application ID

  16. On a Windows machine, download and Install Veeam Office365 Community Edition

  17. From Veeam, Click Add Org > Next > Modern Authenication

  18. Complete the Exchange Online Credentials with all the values saved earlier
    Exchange Online CredentialsVerify connection and organisation parameters

  19. Right-Click the Organisation and Add to backup Job

  20. Add all the mailbox users you want to backup and choose the options as appropriate.
    Add all the mailboxes to backup

All done. If you need a hand feel free to reach out.

Contact IT Networks regarding any aspect of your IT support requirements. All it takes is a brief phone consultation.

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