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How to set up screen time on iOS Device

As we are all working from home at the moment, and our kids are reliant on electronic devices for school and play, you may want to ensure they are not spending all day on their devices. Follow these steps to set up Screen Time limiting on iOS devices to restrict what apps they can use and how long they can use them for.

Set Up Screen Time on iOS Devices

  1. Go to settings and then scroll down until you find Screen Time Set Up Screen Time on iOS Devices
  2. Press on Turn on Screen Time
  3. Press Continue to the pop up
  4. Screen Time option screen
  5. Press on This is My Child’s iPad
  6. Setting up a device for your child
  7. From here you can choose the Downtime – select the time and press Set Downtime
  8. Downtime settings
  9. Under App Limits – you can select the Categories you want to restrict
  10. App Limits
  11. For example, you can select Games – then press on Set to set the time
  12. Once you set the time press on Set App Limit
  13. Set app limits
  14. Click Continue to Content and Privacy
  15. Content and Privacy Settings
  16. Choose the Screen Time Passcode and confirm the code
  17. Set a Screen Time Passcode
  18. Enter your Apple ID in case you need to recover the Screen Time passcode and then press OK
  19. Add your Apple ID for Screen Time passcode recovery
  20. When the time limit has been reached, you will see the following screen:Ask for More Time Option
  21. To ask for more time press on Ask for More Time 
  22. Enter the Screen Time passcode
  23. Approve for either 15 minutes, an hour or all dayApprove more time
  24. The kids are all set again!

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