How to check Healthcare Compliance – Can you answer YES to 3 simple questions

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Healthcare Compliance Ever wondered if your practice is compliant or not?  Do not make Healthcare Compliance any more complex than it already is.   Answer these three simple questions to check your Healthcare Compliance. What is required We have written several articles on the topic of Healthcare Compliance although none of them specifically list what is […]

NBN for Medical Practices

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The large amounts of data that a medical practice generates and transmits makes a high speed NBN service an obvious choice. Telemedicine and e-health services are quickly becoming the norm and every practice needs to ensure they are providing these services to their patients.

Business IT Trends to Watch in 2021

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Keeping up with the Trends through Information Technology The shocking year we are about to farewell, 2020, is set to leave a lasting legacy on how businesses will operate for a foreseeable future. Most significantly, the worldwide COVID-19 crisis has accelerated technology usage and innovation.  These new business IT trends are here to stay and […]

OneDrive for Healthcare

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OneDrive for Healthcare appears to be a hot topic so this article highlights what a Medical Practice needs to have in place if they are using, or intend on using, OneDrive or Microsoft 365 to store patient data.

How to measure IT Performance

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IT Performance There are very few businesses that do not rely on some form of technology to keep their business running.    IT is capable of driving business success therefore IT performance has a direct impact on the degree of that success.    So, how do you measure the performance of your organisation’s IT?  And, […]

NBN for Business

NBN Business Grade Yes. Australia’s NBN Network rollout is now officially completed. But why should you care? This is great news for your business. In Australia business is getting back to a new normal. this means that not everything will be the same. One of the major impacts of Covid-19 has been an accelerated digitisation […]

SIP Explained

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Business SIP You may have heard the term SIP mentioned before.   This article provides an overview of what SIP is all about and what it can do for your business. SIP is short for Session Initiation Protocol.    In very simple terms SIP is a set of rules used to deliver data packets which hold […]

Keeping in touch while travelling

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Keeping in touch while travelling or being away from the office has never been easier. Here are some handy tips and things to consider if you intend on travelling and still need to work.

Out of Office on iPhone

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Out of Office on iPhone If you are anything like me you always go on holidays and forget to turn on your out of office message. Luckily, you can turn on your out of office message from your iPhone. They don’t put the feature where I would look for it so I thought I would […]

What is Cloud Computing?

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Cloud Computing is the new-buzz word for a very old concept! If you remember the old mainframe computers that terminal for access then you have the idea. Now the “mainframe” is hosted outside your network and your devices are the terminal! Read on for more …